Heavier Things

Jesus. 18. America. Hello, Hola, Hallo. Mmmm so I need a description but I don't know what should I place here. Well I like to play music. Be Fearless and Speak Now. I don't know about you but I'm feeling really good. Jesus is my savior. I love MPA. God bless. You'll see what I like here, so that is all. Oh and if you need someone to listen or for help don't hesitate to talk to me.

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The Watchman (by Steven Leonti)

following tons (;

by ajpscs

Lands End by (Ste&We)

following tons (;

fun in the sun! by (dj murdok photos)

Untitled by (Laura Leal) | Website 

McWay Falls by (k2pilot)

Untitled by (crookedpriority)